Talent management

The HR department needs easily modifiable dashboards so that it can comply with the priorities of the policy implemented. This is provided by Crosstalent’s Coordination and HR dashboards module.

Benefits from our Talent management app


Talents mapping



Why choose our Talent Management application ?

  • Succession plan
  • Individual development plan
  • Management of “high potentials and specific populations”
  • Careers and Talent Review Committee
  • Skills gaps and trades bridges
  • Analysis and projections
  • Mapping of the company’s talents according to the “Nine Box” model (potential review / performance review)
  • External Provider Asessment of Key Market Assessment Solutions Integrated in the Collaborative Portal
  • Talent management methodology (with our partner Q7 Leader)


Main features

Succession plan

  • Identification of successors for each position
  • Automatic alerting of critical positions without successors
  • Dynamically integrated inheritance in the organization chart and career review 

Management of “high potentials and specific populations”

  • Tag and “high potential” path for the people concerned
  • Alert and adapted individual development plan

Talent management methodology (with our partner Q7 Leader)

  • View and compare profiles, intra and inter-company benchmarks
  • Understand and develop your employees on the basis of a collaborative approach between managers
  • Decide and build individual / collective action plans

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