The CROSSTALENT website is provided with cookies or tracers which are non-nominative information. The purpose of setting the cookie policy is therefore to define the different types of cookies that are used on the CROSSTALENT website.

When you access the CROSSTALENT site, you accept that cookies are placed on your different devices.

About cookies

A cookie is a text file that is saved on the hard disk of the visitor’s computer at the request of the server managing the visited website. Cookies record information about the user’s browsing on the website (pages viewed, time / date etc.).

CROSSTALENT uses cookies to measure its audience and to improve the navigation on the site according to your expectations.

According to the CNIL, the period of validity of the consent of cookies is 13 months maximum. After 13 months the consent will have to be collected again.

Salesforce Pardot cookies

Pardot will track your activity as a visitor and prospect on the CROSSTALENT website and landing pages by installing cookies on browsers.

These cookies are set to store preferences when a visitor returns to the website. Pardot also installs a cookie for logged in users in order to maintain the session and memorize the table filters.

The cookies installed by Pardot are initially for tracking purposes and install third party cookies for redundancy. First-party and third-party cookies are the norm in the marketing automation industry. Pardot cookies do not store personally identifiable information but a unique identifier.

The three types of cookies that Pardot installs:

  • The visitor cookie consisting of a unique visitor identifier and the unique identifier of your account. “12345” is the account identifier. This cookie is installed for all visitors by the Pardot tracking code.
  • If your account follows the consent preferences, the pi_opt_opt_in cookie is installed with a true or false value when the visitor chooses to be followed or not
  • A session cookie named “pardot” is installed when you are logged in as a Pardot user. This cookie is not placed on the visitor’s browser.

These Pardot cookies allow us to collect and analyze information on the site: number of pages viewed, number of visits, frequency of visits, visitor activity, etc.

To learn more about the Salesforce Privacy Policy for Pardot, click here:

Refuse and disable cookies

It is possible to configure your browser to control whether you accept cookies, refuse cookies or warn you when a cookie is sent to your browser. If your browser is set to refuse cookies, the website will not recognize you when you return to the website.

If you decide to change the use of cookies or choose to disable them, you can change the settings of your browser on the following links:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

More information about cookies

For a better knowledge and control of cookies of any origin and not only those of our Site, we invite you to consult the site