CSR Dashboards

CSR Dashboards organize the secondment of economic and social information who need to be bought to the Staff representative. 

The premium version of CSR Dashboard calculate more than 50 legals indicators from your HR data.

Why choose our CSR Dashboards application ?

For the HR Function

  • Management interface of indicators and social documents
  • Input, import and/or automatic calculation of of legal and company-specific indicators
  • Merging of economic and social contents
  • Management of profile and access rights

For the Staff Representative

  • Consultation of indicators and contents
  • Research et access to economic and social data
  • Information on update and social news

Main further features

  • Path of validation before the data publication
  • Automatic notification of updates
  • Pre-generation of economic and social data merging
  • Management and alerts reports (eg : indicators not updated for 3 months)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Possibility

    Standard CSR Dashboard

    • Management interface of indicators and social documents (for HR and managers)
    • Social indicators and reports consultation portal (for staff representatives)
    • Management of access rights to the profile and perimeter of the user
    • Automatic notification of updates to the ESDB
    • Alert management and approval circuit

    Premium CSR Dashboard

    All the features of the standard CSR Dashboard

    • Automatic calculation of social indicators
    • Management of access rights to the profile and perimeter of the user
    • Generation of social report documents (social report, professional equality report, training report …)

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