Crosstalent, Skills sponsorship for Libraries Without Borders

In 2016, drive by our success and our development, we sought to anchor our action in a social and solidarity digital work. For this, we decided to launch a sponsorship program for an NGO in this sector. In keeping with our responsible corporate strategy, our choice quickly turned to the charity organization Libraries Without Borders.

Who is Libraries Without Borders ?

A non-governmental organization whose mission is to bring knowledge to those who are deprived of it, all over the world, via several pillars of actions:

  • Tools to bring the library to the most precarious public through their “IdeasBox” project
  • Made-to-measure content to change lives, with 28.000 content selected in 23 languages
  • To have more information about the NGO, go to their website.

Since 4 years, Crosstalent and Libraries Without Borders are partners as part of a skills sponsorship program.

    Country helped by the NGO

    Content to reinforce the population's capacity

    Content distribution in 23 languages

    Sponsorship goal

      This partnership aims to support Libraries Without Borders on their current problematic :
    • Contact management (Volunteers, Donors, Members, Professional contacts, Journalists)
    • HR Management (People management, Recruitment, Mobility, Jobs)
    • Marketing Management (Actions & Events)
    • Campaign Management (Calls for donations, Communication campaigns)

    Crosstalent’s Proposal

    So we set up a skills sponsorship program through the following actions :

    • Free integration of Salesforce CRM functionality + HRIS Crosstalent application for managers of Libraries Without Borders
    • Provision and activation of annual licenses for Libraries Without Borders with Crosstalent features
    • Daily package of graceful accompaniment in the setting up of the environment of the GRC and HRIS
    • Crosstalent user administrator training in a skills sponsorship process


    As part of the sponsorship program, Commeon organized the March 23, 2018, a conference about the GRC good use and the donor relationship.

    To talk about it :

    • François RAJAUD, Associate Director of Crosstalent
    • Olivia LILETTE, Partnership and Fundraising Manager of Libraries Without Borders
    Barnabé louche

    Barnabé louche

    Director of Partnerships and Communication at Libraries Without Borders

    L’effet d’adhésion interne à la solution est très rapide parce que la solution se vend d’elle même. Le côté «ergonomie native» de la solution nous aide beaucoup.

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