Digitalize the Human Resources Function and Business Management

The strengths of our solutions

Flexible annual subscription

  • No long-term commitment.
  • Pay only for the required number of users.
  • Add users as and when you want.
  • Adjust or cancel your contract on each anniversary date.

Personalised interface for each user

  • No technical expertise required.
  • Create, modify and adapt your applications online.

Mobile applications

From the Salesforce App (available in the Apple AppStore or Google Play), all your apps and content are available on mobile and tablets immediately.

2800 add-ons avaibles on APPEXCHANGE

  • Crosstalent is available on AppExchange, the business app store from Salesforce.
  • Add LinkedIn, DocuSign and many other add-ons to your HR application.


  • Hyper secure hosting
  • Pioneer and leader of enterprise cloud
  • Best Gartner Enterprise Application Platform on the market

Crosstalent solutions are based on the technology and hosting of the global Salesforce CRM worldwide leader

No. 1 in France of Salesforce applications publishers

They trust us