Performance management

The performance assessment and management by objective requires the implementation of a performance interview campaign process.

The performance management application includes all the process as well as interface for manager and employee.

Why choose our Performance management application ? 

  • Planning and management of interview campaign
  • Progress monitoring of interview campaign
  •  Ability to manage as many interview models as needed
  •  Possibility to adapt the full interview campaign to your process
  • Real time consolidation of the interview results in dashboard (Interview & assessment) 
  • Alerts and automatic reminders workflow for managers and collaborators during the campaign
  •  Dependency links between the employee file, the function sheet, the skills repository, the objective lines
  • Management of skill gaps and key skills
  • Talent review with the Nine Box model
  •  Analysis & estimation

What is the mail alert workflow of the interview process ?

The Alerts and automatic reminders workflow allow managers and collaborators to receive alerts notification and reports of completeness of the interviews.


Step 1 : Creation of the interview campaign by the HR manager

The HR Manager choose the type of interview he wants to schedule and for which population. A email is sent to the manager so that they can set the date of an interview.

Step 2 : The manager sets a date for the interview

The manager enter the date in the HR portal and a email is sent to the involved employee.

Step 3 : The employee prefilled his form

After receiving the email from his manager, the employee pre-fills his requests in the form.

Step 4 : Meeting between the two protagonists

Once the interview is done, an email is sent to the HR manager to inform him that the procedure is closed.

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