Jobs & organization

This application manages the link between employees, job descriptions and jobs in an organization with reporting lines. Reconciling this data strengthens the company’s coordination in terms of allocation of resources, budget monitoring of jobs, organizational efficiency.

The management chart is always available and added to as and when necessary. It can also be updated through successive regular imports.

Why choose our Jobs & organization application ?

  • Description and classifications of positions and functions in the organization
  • Automatic generation of real-time dynamic flowchart
  • Business repository management
  • Ability to manage hierarchical links
  • Budget Management of Posts and Resources

Main features

Automatic generation of real-time dynamic flowchart

  • Dynamic view of a collaborator or team in the organizational chart of the company
  • Navigation at N + 1 or N-1 levels
  • Editing and simulation

Business repository management

  • Organizational and legal structure
  • Positions, roles profiles, skills, classification etc.

Budget Management of Posts and Resources

  • Budget planning
  • Workstation Approval Workflow
  • Budget / realized gap

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