Digitalizing the onboarding process of new employees facilitates administrative and contractual procedures. Thanks to Crosstalent application, all the integration steps are managed in a semi-automated way.

Why choose our Onboarding application ?

  • Temporary status management “New recruited”
  • Employee file creation
  • Automatic file storage loaded by the collaborator in his file
  • Collection and control of parts
  • Integration workflow defined specifically for all impacted media functions
  • Integration path in the company

Main features

Temporary status management “New recruited”

  • Change from “Candidate” status to “new employee”
  • Application of specific management rules related to the transitional status of “new recruit”
  • Possibility of automatic registration number generation based on your previous format

“Employee File” creation

  • Sending automatic or semi-automatic notification to an Onboarding website
  • Possible customization of the design, content of Onboarding web pages
  • Verification workflow and collection of data information


  • Automatic generation of the employment contract
  • Automatic restart of the collaborator for any document or missing information
  • Electronic Signature Function with our partners Docapost and Docusign

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