Q7 Leader and his tool “Team Development Scan”, partner Crosstalent

    Since 2 years, the Q7 Leader’s solution is an integral part of our Talent Management application.Q7 Leader offers a “framework” of people management which allow the talents manager and team manger to identify and develop the full potential of their team members in the digital age. His analytics in real time and his interactive dashboards form the base of a agile planning of human capital.

Our Partnership

Multidimensional methodology of talents that allows to : 

  • View and compare the profile of a collaborator or group of
    employees, intra and inter-company benchmark
  • Understand and develop their
    collaborators on the basis of an approach collaborative between managers
  • Decide and build action plans individual / collective to bring the organization to its full potential.
Thanks to Q7 Leader and its “Team Development Scan” tool, Crosstalent People management application  is able to present a cartography of the talents of a company under the model of “Nine Bow” as well as a review talents methodology.The “Team Development Scan” methodology answers these questions :


  1. Who is simply not in the position that suits him/her?
  2. Who needs a development plan immediately?
  3. Who must be offered a new challenge?
  4. Who remains under the radar, despite his/her talents?
  5. Who seems good, but in fact undermines the (business) values?
  6. Who earns a salary that doesn’t correspond to the value he/she creates?
  7. Who could leave that you don’t want to lose?


Amazing results

  • Engagement
  • Employability
  • Performance
  • Well-being
Reggy-Charles Degen

Reggy-Charles Degen

Founding Partner Q7 Leader

L’effet d’adhésion interne à la solution est très rapide parce que la solution se vend d’elle même. Le côté «ergonomie native» de la solution nous aide beaucoup.

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